danger brain

Did you know that you have more courage when you are angry? Perhaps we all feel more curageous when we are angry. But is it an illusion? Is it stupidity? Or what is going on?
Well now answers from science is ticking in and it is actually a bit surprising: It would seem that being annoyed will change your brain a bit|switch it to a different mode. What happens is that you will have a much dimmer sense of risk and danger. And you will have a reduced tendency to flee. This seems strange? Try the opposite. Are there situations where you because of your state of mind would be a lot more likely to flee? Would this be something that would give you a better chance at survival? If yes, then it would seem to be a good thing for suvival and for evolutionaty selection if there somwhere in your brain was a dial that could regulate your sense of danger. Turns out that there is. Sort of. Its called aprasial tendencies. Its your brains reactivity to certain perceptions. More technically, it is probably a regulator of your amygdalas sensitivitity towards a class of danger perceptions. Probably a part of amygdala.
So this regulater can make you extra scared when in mortal danger and chased by hippos, bulls or bees. Where else could this dial be usefull? When is it a bad thing to run away? If you are a female lion with cubs it doesnt make much sense to run away from danger and leave your cubs behind. Even if it was very dangerous it would make more sense in terms of survival and "reproduction" to stay and defend your litter of cubs. If your brain had dialed up your sense of danger, this would be all but impossible, you would flee. But what if you had no sense of danger just then? Then you could stay and defend your offspring. And luckily your brain has a dial that makes that kind of behavior possible by turning down your sense of danger.

It kinda puts your appetite for conflict in a different light! The only sideeffect is that it makes it possible for us to do really insane stuff when we are angry. If we are not carefull.

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